I drift

…In and out of my final resting place. Weighing options upon options in an endless quest to settle the wringing in my solar plexus. Back and forth across pinball tables, I bounce around while pretending not to influence any of it with the thrusting of my hips. Imagination takes hold…maybe this or that passing glance will grace my day with a warm embrace, or a warm and ignorant laugh attack, at least. Any connection perceived as the ultimate, the trick is, maybe they all are. Can we not meld and mingle in different forms? One event a continuous extension of all things pre-pro-ceding it. 

How can I hold you so close and still have you fly? Provide me a suitable analogy to allow me strength in waiting. One that doesn’t pull me along in your sky chariot. Or if we can alternate driving the thing, that there would be no conflict between push and pull, and if we aren’t moving forward at least we are not drifting apart, or filling our boots with concrete.