Aaron Cockburn has been carving out a niche in the Canadian music landscape for well over 15 years. He led the avant-folk collective Little Suns (formerly Dry River Caravan) to a record contract and international touring before venturing out with his own solo project. 
His second solo record “OK Everything” is a collection of hastily thrown together bedroom pop songs, brought on both by a relentless fire to create and a material necessity to have something to offer. It is both deeply intimate and oblique. Drawing the listener in with imagery more so than direct reference to any sort of literal meaning. “OK Everything” succeeds in maintaining the listeners attention with an easily digestible electro pop soundscape. 
His live show can best be described as being full of contrast. Blending upbeat and funky grooves with orchestral and cinematic textures. Giving audiences witness to  a full range of emotional experience, from intimate and heartfelt, to wild and exuberant, even at times morose and intensely doubtful. 
Also of note is Aarons work with his Uncle, Canadian folk music legend Bruce Cockburn. With whom he acts as collaborator both live an on record, adding textures and rhythm with his skilful guitar and accordion playing. He played on Bruce’s most recent record Bone on Bone which went on to win a Juno in the contemporary roots category in 2018. 
As a seasoned Record Producer, Aaron helps guide songwriters through the process of making an album. From arrangements and composition, through to recording, overdubs, editing, mixing, and mastering.
Here’s what some people had to say about Aaron’s workflow and professionalism.
“Aaron helped me produce and do instrumentation on my album. He is very talented, easy to work with and has a good ear for bringing songs to life. I highly recommend his services!”
“I just had another listen to the two songs. I just love what you’ve done. It feels like such a gift. Somehow you knew what they wanted more than I did!”

“Thanks again for the creative energy you’re putting into this project. And for the encouragement yesterday. What you’ve done with these songs is inspiring me to think in new ways about my music and where I might take it.”

“I’ve been listening a bunch to the new songs. Wow! Everyone here is loving them as well. I’m impressed by how you’ve found in and brought to each of them a very distinct flavour.”